Immerse yourself in Algarve’s traditional with our set local cuisine and a live Fado performance.

Starters: hot fresh bread with olive oil or toast in olive oil and garlic
1st Moment: crab pate served with mini toast
2nd Moment: skinned horse mackerel
3rd Moment: traditional algarvian cockle in corn porridge
4th Moment: roasted pork tenderloin with garlic, parsley, olive oil and lemon
5th Moment: prawn in bread porridge
6th Moment: mini dom rodrigo (traditional dessert from algarve – “angel hair”. A delicate and sweet dessert with egg, cinnamon and almond)

All Mondays and Fridays
100,00€ p/ Pax

Experience Spain, with a set Spanish cuisine and live Sevillana performers.

Starters: Hot Fresh Bread with Olive Oil or Toast in Olive Oil and Garlic
1st Moment: Gazpacho Andaluz Soup (origin of gazpacho)
2nd Moment: Puntilhitas (Fried Baby Squids with Lemon)
3rd Moment: Bacon with “Broken Egg” form of Spanish Cooking
4th Moment: Potato Tortilla
5th Moment: Pulpo à Gallega (sliced octopus with Sweet Pepper Powder)
6th Moment: Catalan Style Egg Pudding

All Wednesdays
100,00€ p/ Pax

Enjoy Arabian encounter with our set Arabian cuisine with live belly dancers.

Starters: Homemade pitta
1st: Hummus with Celery and Carrot sticks
2nd Moment: Vegetable Cous Cous
3rd Moment: Shakshuka Tomato based Dip / Soup with a Poached Egg
4th Moment: Babaganoush Aubergine base Dip / Soup
5th Moment: Kofta Lamb kebab
6th Moment: Roz bel Laban Arabic Style Rice pudding

All Tuesdays
100,00€ p/ Pax



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