The Allgarbe restaurant prides itself on only working with seafood caught at sea, guaranteeing its freshness through daily purchases at a fish market. For this reason the availability of some species may vary. Thank you for your understanding.

Allgarbe Style Clams

28.00€ (portion)

Fresh Oysters

3.90€ (served raw, 1 unit)

Fresh Prawns “Gamba da Costa“

23.50€ (portion)

Gambas de Madagáscar Cozido

Madagascar Boiled Prawns

24.00€ (portion)

Gambas de Madagáscar Cozido

Madagáscar Prawns Fried with Garlic

24.50€ (portion)

“Listada“ Prawns

28.50€ (portion)

Goose Neck Barnacles

32.00€ (portion)


15.00€ (portion)

Wedge Clams

26.80€ (portion)

"Berbigão" Cockles

14.00€ (portion)

“Canilha“ Whelks

24.00€ (portion)

European Spider Crab

66.50€ (Kg)

Brown Crab

43.10€ (Kg)

Spiny Lobster

210.00€ (Kg)

European Lobster

190.00€ (Kg)

Razor Clams

39.50€ (Kg)


180.00€ (kg)

Madagáscar Prawns (fried or boiled)

28.90€ (XL Portion)

Giant Tiger Prawn

24.90€ (per unit)

Allgarbe Style Stir Fried Portuguese Scarlet Wild Prawns

39.00€ (2 unit)